General principles

Human connections

Our relationship to our customers
The most important thing for us are our customers. That is the reason for
our intention to create every customer-relationship as a win-win-situation.
The best technical and cost effective Solution for our customers is always
our ambitious aim. Our strategy to achieve this aim is based on the high
educational level and specific knowledge of our staff, on ideal processes in
the company logistic, in the consulting, in the development, project plan-
ning and in the production. That means that our customers always benefit
from our professional know-how and the high quality level of our products
in order to achieve financial advantages compared to the conventional me-
thod of operating. The basis therefore is cooperation full of respect and
partnership and an open and honest communication in order to provide true
confidence. If our customers compare our quotations and performance with
our competitors, we kindly advise them to do this in a comprehensive,
correct and fair way.

Our relationship to our employees
We wish to have highly qualified, motivated and satisfied employees who feel
safe and secure. One of our intentions is to grant this. Although we are not a
family company, we act like one. All employees take care of each other. A re-
spectful behavior full of fairness among each other, to our customers and to
suppliers is a natural thing for us. Mistakes could happen, because this gives
us the opportunity to learn and to grow. Each kind of discrimination is strictly
not accepted. We definitely know that the high quality of our products depends
on the commitment, the experience and the know-how of our employees.
Therefore, as we support them, we also expect high performance. This allows
us to achieve an advance in technical know-how and to establish secure and
attractive jobs.

Our relationship to our suppliers

One of the reasons for our success is our motivated suppliers. We know this
and of course appreciate it. We always wish to create a long term partnership
and a continuous transfer of technology, innovation and know-how. Our special
technical and economical requests enable our suppliers to improve their deve-
lopment. The relation to our suppliers is based on honesty, confidence and
cooperative behavior.

Our attitude to our competitors
We appreciate a fair competition with our competitors. We recognize their good
performance and respect them. We do not fight against our competitors, in-
stead, we try to bring our own company forward and establish us as one of the
best companies in our market. Although our products are used in machineries
all over the world, we do not see us as a global player, but as an international
system supplier.

Looking into the future

Our commitment to our location
Bielefeld and the area around us is known as a stronghold of the machinery
industry. We commit ourselves to this strategically important location and will
develop our company growth here.

Our profit will be invested in our future
In order to assure our jobs and our competitiveness we invest our profits
into our company. We use our profit for financing our stock level, our conti-
nuous development of technical solutions and the improvement of our pro-
duction processes. In this way we maintain our good position in the market
and our entrepreneurial freedom.


SANGEL® Systemtechnik GmbH
Schillerstraße 44
33609 Bielefeld

Fon +49 521 91175-0
Fax +49 521 91175-75

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