Industrial Communication

Communication must be right. We offer assembled fieldbus- and industrial network cables as well as fiber optical cables.

Your advantages

  • Ensured speed - proofed
  • Individual length
  • Take advantage of 20 years' experience
  • 100% checked
  • UL/CSA certified

Our scope

  • All standards available - fieldbus and industrial ethernet
  • Fiber optical cable of POF (polymer optical fiber) or HCS (hard clad silca)
  • IP20 oder IP67
  • PVC or PUR for drag chain
  • All connectors

Suitable for:
Feldbus System:       CANopen  |  CC-Link  |  DeviceNet  |  InterBus  |  ProfiBus  |  AS-i Bus
Industrial Ethernet:  CC-Link IE  |  EtherCAT  |  Modbus  |  Powerlink  |  Profinet  |  Sercos



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