Installation modules

Installation by Plug & Play for serial machinery - quick, proofed and always flexible.
Please click here to download the catalogue as a PDF version.

Your advantages

  • Up to 30% less costs
  • Drag chains, cables, connectors, cable glands together with structural steelwork – from a single source
  • Shorter lead time in final installation
  • 100% checked
  • Variable costs – in case of poor economic situation
  • Less administration – one order, one good inspection, one picking
  • Less product stock

Our scope

  • Bulkhead-type end connections or cord sets assem- bled with claddings as a prefabricated sub-system
  • Ensured savings – we check the amortization
  • Concept and design of the installation modules
  • Including fluid installation, electronics and shaping of sheet
  • Delivery of installation modules ready for mounting
  • Optionally we mount the installation module to your system

Cost comparison